Vocational Service:  Service Above Self Scholarship recipient Emily McNeiece talked about her freshman year.
Charitable Committee: Co-Chair Marion Humphrey proposed two donation requests that were approved by the club's membership:
1. Boy Scout camp scholarships for boys in our area who need financial assistance - $1500.
2. One set of commercial coin-operated washer/ dryer stacked for use in Welcome House. The units are used by both shelter guests and night guests in the winter who stay at the Peace Dale Congregational Church. Laundry Systems - $2768.
Upon approval of laundry unit for Welcome House, Robin McGuigan suggested that the Charitable Committee post--signage and/or a Rotary logo--on or around the units so that Rotary's contribution to this convenience for clients of Welcome House is known.  Marion Humphrey said she'd report this suggestion back to the committee.
Board of Directors (BOD)- July 31st meeting - a few details.....
FOR CLUB APPROVAL:  The membership dues have been approved by the BOD and details are available on the website's Documents section under "2017-18 Membership Dues."  Please review the document and be prepared to vote on the dues amount for this term.  Here are the steps to access docs:  1) after logging-in, click on MEMBER AREA at the top of the page; 2) click on ORGANIZATION, among the top row of tabs; 3)  click on Documents, listed horizontally under the tabs.
BOARD MINUTES:  The minutes for this meeting, when finished, will be available, to members only, on the website's Documents section (see steps above for how to access docs). 
MEETING TIME & PLACE:  The board recommends a new meeting time of Thursday breakfast--based on the the results of a committee survey* prepared and conducted during the last term.  The board will review information gathered about meeting places in the area (both restaurants & non-eatery venues) and make a final determination about the meeting time & location as soon as possible. The goal is to have the issue settled so that the new time will start the week of October 9th.  Please email Pam Ancheta--before the August 21st meeting-- if you care to suggest a meeting venue that might be easily overlooked, so it can be checked against the list of locations already considered.
*Around 80% of membership participated with approx. 45% voting that Thursday breakfast was a "good" meeting-time. But of those who said either "good" or "OK, but not first choice" the majority, around 69%, chose Thursday lunch--which may not be a popular time when it comes to recruiting new members.