Club Newsletter
The Rotary Club of Wakefield,
Rhode Island
Thursday, 06/25/2020
Place & Time:
Arturo Joe's
140 Point Judith Road, Narragansett, RI  02882
Meeting Thursday @ Noon

President: Bob Cruz
Zoom Moderator: Glen Zibolis
Number of participants: 25
Song: none
Invocation: Ed McLaughlin
Happy Bucks and Sunshine
Happy Bucks 
Elizabeth thanked Bob for the great job he has done as president.
Beth Leconte thanked Trish Driscoll for the invitation to swim at the Y, which has reopened.
Spencer thanked Bob and Glen for their roles as President and as Zoom moderator for keeping the club going during Covid 19.
Beth Leconte updated the club on the diaper collection which raised $1,350.00.  The diapers purchased will be distributed  to the Jonnycake Center, Thundermist Health Center, and DVRC.  Beth also thanked Donna for her help with this project.
Club Business and Announcements
Fellow Rotarians
So far, these virtual meetings have been working out great. We've successfully held two virtual membership meetings and one board meeting with up to 30 members participating at a time, not unlike our regular meetings.
I am aware some of you have never done this before and want to participate,  but are unable to do so because you either don't know how or are having trouble installing the necessary software or app onto your computer or smartphone. 
I can help and it's easier than you think. I'd be delighted to personally walk you through the process over the phone and have a practice session with you to try it out.
If you're interested, shoot me an email or give me a call. It should take no more than 15 -20 minutes. Perhaps we can set a time over the weekend, to do this.
If you call and get my voice mail, please leave a message and I will return your call.
Yours in Rotary,
Glen Zibolis
Presidents Announcements and Club Business:
Bob Cruz encouraged members to sign up on My Rotary.  He said that there will be an in-person meeting next week.  There will be an impromptu installation of the incoming president Dick Pike.  And a farewell to Bob Cruz.  Dick said that the invoices for Rotary dues will be going out shortly, he also said that for the meeting July 2, the restaurant will need your menu choice for lunch prior to your arrival so they can have it ready for the meeting.  Dick will send this out to the members to get meal choices.
Martin Vincent introduced his daughter, Carolyn Vincent who was our speaker today.
Carolyn is spending time ashore due to Covid-19.  She spoke about her experiences at sea during her career and how she got involved with sailing in the first place.
Carolyn gave us 5 questions to ask someone in her field
 First question was “how did you get into sailing”?  She began in Newport as a deckhand on a 12 Meter tourist boat, from there she worked on a 114ft luxury sail boat, then flew to New Zeland to work on a 50’ charter boat and also on a lunch and dinner tourist boat.  While there she also steered a ferry boat, which led to other jobs.  This included working on a 180’ privately owned sail boat, and then  working on a sailboat which trains highschool and college students.  This was a traditional rig for all weather sailing which she has been captain of for the last 10 years.
Second question ”What is the weird way to land a job?”  This is done by walking down a dock, word of mouth or using employment agencies.
Third question “What was hard initially and then became common place?”  Carolyn said that when she was first on a 12 meter sailboat in Newport, when the boat was heeling over, she was uncomfortable, now this is normal and fun.
Fourth question “What was the strangest thing you heard yourself say?” On an 88ft boat she was the mate on, the forward compartment was flooding, and the students were worried.  After being questioned multiple times if the boat was going to sink, she replied that all boats sink, some slower than others. This may or may not have been what they wanted to hear.
The fifth question “What is the hardest thing to explain to someone who doesn’t work on a boat?”  That you spend a lot of time working in close quarters, in adverse conditions, with no personal space.  This is something you have to be comfortable with. 
Carolyn then answered several questions from club members on her course work, professional licenses for the US Coast Guard,and British license requirements. Thanks to Carolyn for a fascinating talk, and we wish her every success in her continued professional development.
Next Meeting:  Thursday, July 2, 2020
Many thanks to the reporters and photographers!
Please make every effort to attend our next Wakefield Rotary meeting.
Better yet, bring a friend!
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