Club Newsletter
The Rotary Club of Wakefield,
Rhode Island
Thursday, 04/23/2020
Place & Time:
Arturo Joe's
140 Point Judith Road, Narragansett, RI  02882
Meeting Thursday @ Noon

Meeting called to order  President Bob Cruz   
30 Rotarians
3 Guests Anne Vincent, Karen Bertrand, and Bernadette Mansfield
2 Former Members Leo Arsenault and Herb Mansfield
Club Business and Announcements
To all Rotarians,
In accordance with CDC recommendations supported by Mark Daniel Maloney, President Rotary International our weekly meetings are cancelled due to the COVID-19 virus.  Our next ZOOM  meeting will be Thursday, April 30th. This decision was made in attempts to keep us all safe and healthy.
Yours in Rotary,
Fellow Rotarians
So far, these virtual meetings have been working out great. We've successfully held two virtual membership meetings and one board meeting with up to 30 members participating at a time, not unlike our regular meetings.
I am aware some of you have never done this before and want to participate,  but are unable to do so because you either don't know how or are having trouble installing the necessary software or app onto your computer or smartphone. 
I can help and it's easier than you think. I'd be delighted to personally walk you through the process over the phone and have a practice session with you to try it out.
If you're interested, shoot me an email or give me a call. It should take no more than 15 -20 minutes. Perhaps we can set a time over the weekend, to do this.
If you call and get my voice mail, please leave a message and I will return your call.
Yours in Rotary,
Glen Zibolis
Meeting date April 16, 2020,  Reporter Ben Bardo
Presidents Announcements and Club Business:
President Bob Cruz said that the District grant money had been mailed to the Jonny Cake center and Domestic Violence Resource Center of South County.
Bob also said that Lori Horton and Betsy Wisehart will be reviewing the club financial statements.
 Beth Leconte Spoke about the diaper donation program, Beth will be accepting checks made out to her and she will then purchase diapers which will then be donated to local charities.
Beth Leconte and Linda Hennessey also contacted current members we haven’t seen for a while, and former club members. 
Birthdays- Phil Tracy and Donna Vignoli
Anniversaries-Spencer Seitz, Karl Midunsky, Judy Fortier, Dave Baud
Presentation by Dr Chris Van Hemelrijck, Subject: Corona virus
The presentation began with a picture of the Corona virus showing all its attachment points. A virus requires a living cell as a parasite.  They reproduce and produce toxins which wreak havoc on the human body.  As the virus gets into a cell, it has its own protective layer and then reproduces itself.
The virus is part of a family of viruses.  The most recent is SARS in 2012 and MERS, both used the bat as its primary host.  The primary host then transfers the virus to an alternative host. 
The SARS and MERS virus had a short lifespan, and very similar symptoms. The alternative host was a type of cat.  For the Corona virus the alternative host may have been a Pengolin, which has scales and looks like an anteater or armadillo.  Both its scales and meat are sought after.  They are sold in “wet markets”.  The animals are slaughtered in these outdoor markets.        
Dr. Chris had charts to illustrate infection rates, timing and resurgence of transmission, and the flattening of the curve.  He discussed quarantine which dates back to the 14th century when ships would come into port and infect a coastal city.  They would quarantine a ship for 40 days, separated from the general population.  The Corona virus is 14 days, and incubation is 5 days. 
Isolation is when someone is infected and separated from those who are well.  Isolation is 14 days or 3 days with no symptoms. 
He showed us a chart of common symptoms of transmission, for the respiratory illness.   As for treatment, the anti malaria drug is more harmful than helpful.  Plasma used from those that have been exposed and recovered from the virus has shown promising results.  Although we are hoping for a vaccine, we are not close to results yet. At the conclusion of his talk he had time for questions.
Thank you for a very informative presentation!
Next Meeting:  Thursday, April 30, 2020
Many thanks to the reporters and photographers!
Please make every effort to attend our next Wakefield Rotary meeting.
Better yet, bring a friend!
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