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The Rotary Club of Wakefield, Rhode Island
Monday, September 11, 2017
Photos:  no photographer
Pledge and 4-Way Test:  Pam Ancheta
Prayer: Ben Bardo
Song: Marion Humphrey
All those in attendance today are members of the Wakefield Club, including Anne DeLorenzo who's a corporate member with Brightview Commons.

--Tuesday, Sept. 12th  Balloon Festival Meeting tomorrow  at 6 pm at the Navatek offices in the Palisades Mill complex in Peacedale.  Address:  1080 Kingstown Road, Building 5, South Kingstown, RI 02879

--Thursday, Sept. 14th  Board of Directors' Emergency Meeting at 5:30pm:   Navatek offices in the Palisades Mill complex in Peacedale.  Address:  1080 Kingstown Road, Building 5, South Kingstown, RI 02879

--Sunday, Sept. 17th RIDE FOR POLIO, more details, click here.  Our own Russ Bertrand, Past District Governor, will be there, too.

--Wednesday, Sept. 20th At 4:00pm -- "Happiness is Home" -- performance by Wakefield Rotary's own Julia Shugeng Yang. More details, click here

--September 24th social event CANCELED. Details of future social events coming soon.....


Lori Horton's "public service announcement" regarding the Equifax credit bureau security breach:  Lori provided the context for this major issue by quoting part of a news items in an email sent to Club President Pam Ancheta (Lori specializes in forensic accounting....look it up):  
"While many of us may be experiencing breach fatigue due to the onslaught of compromises reported in the news, the latest hack should command our full attention, reminding us that all breaches are not created equal. Equifax, one of the nation’s largest credit reporting agencies, revealed a colossal cyber breach yesterday (Sept. 7th), one that may affect almost 150 million user records, or almost half of the population of the United States. Other than the sheer magnitude of this hack, what makes this particular incident even more frightening is that the data that was breached may include social security numbers, one of the crown jewels of personally identifiable data, jewels that unlike credit cards, cannot be replaced."  [Lori] think this is a huge issue that most people don't think affects them, and/or don't know what to do about it.
Two basic takeaways from Lori's mini-presentation is 1) go to the Equifax website to see if they find your data's at risk; 2) seriously consider--but research, research--taking advantage of the "free" credit monitoring offers by financial institutions and even consider paying for credit monitoring service.  Lori usually DOESN'T advise paying for credit monitoring, but she believes this is such a major, major breach of financial security for millions that paying for monitoring service is an inconvenience compared to what could happen if your identity is stolen.
District Fundraiser:  Russ Bertrand announced "Ride for Polio" coming up this Sunday (see club calendar).  Later, he was part of a couple Paul Harris Award recognitions during Deb Casey's speaker presentation about the Rotary Foundation.
Harvey & Irma Hurricane Relief -  ad hoc committee report:  Doug Wardwell & Marion Humphrey talked about their initial attempts to address how our club could provide funds or other resources to help those Texas and Florida communities hit by the hurricanes. Doug asked Russ Bertrand to contact former Wakefield Rotarian John Tarasevich, who lives in Corpus Christi, for donation advice.  Doug & Marion also considered the emails from District Governor Steve Certa suggesting donation ideas and disaster relief organizations to support.  Possibly coordinating with the Charitable Committee or the International Committee was also mentioned. While many Rotarians proposed great ideas and previous ways the club helped with natural disaster relief (brown bag raffle in 2011 for disaster relief in Vermont) -- the aim of this ad hoc committee report was to recruit members (one or two) to work with Marion and Doug to consider ideas and then implement a plan of action.  So please contact Marion or Doug and let them know you want to help.
Vocational Service - Student Service Projects Committee :  Marion Humphrey met with Peggy Benz, Chair of Vocational Services, before today's meeting to look into a new initiative for our club to offer support for middle and high school students' community service projects. More exciting details are yet to come at future meetings, including an announcement about which of our fellow Wakefield Rotarians were recruited to help with this newly formed committee.  So if Marion gives you a call, your response should be, "yes, I'll do it."
number of members present: 42 /number of visiting Rotarians:  0 /number of guests:  0  
Our Sezgin Candas is scheduled for eye surgery in Boston on September 20th.  Of course, his wife, fellow Rotarian Elizabeth Candas will be at his side.
Community Service Chair Harvey Whitley is in Oklahoma with his terminally-ill sister.
Pam Ancheta -- grateful that Deb Casey is taking the opportunity to remind us about Rotary's purpose and worldwide service & to cover Deb's missing badge
Betsy Wisehart -- Dad survived Hurricane Irma & she bought a Chevy Volt
Chris Van Hemelrijck -- was away celebrating his wedding anniversary, is grateful that Water For Cambodia was awarded a Global Grant
Glen Zibolis -- Daughter in Sarasota, Florida, survived the hurricane
Fran Alexakos --  Thanked Deb Casey for her presentation on mission and goals of Rotary Foundation
Jeremy Osborne --  is getting married very, very soon in Oct...and in the newly purchased house he's now fixing up, he found under a floorboard a very old newspaper article (from the 1930s)
Yan Sun --  went to wedding over the summer, attended the U.S. Tennis Open, and missed meetings because of vacationing
Julia Yang --  back from being away on another  Mercy Ships Hospital medical mission and is back now and will be performing on Wednesday, Sept 20 for Charity (see Calendar Highlights in this newsletter)
Joe Dziobek -- talked about reconnecting with his daughter and is grateful for a neighbor who has offered to donate to the work of Welcome House considering the state budget cuts so many non-profits are facing....Mary Roda wanted to know his generous neighbors names
Dave Estes --  first fundraiser at his school, The Prout School, raised $2,000 for hurricane relief -- very proud!
Jim Buchanan --  celebrated his 34th wedding anniversary and talked about his son's safe move to another state
Marion Humphrey -- is grateful her brother is safe from hurricane in Florida & she promoted Julia Yang's Wednesday concert for charity
TODAY'S PRESENTATION -  Deborah Casey, Co-Chair, Rotary Foundation
Deborah Casey, Co-Chair, Wakefield Club's Rotary Foundation -- Mission & Goals of Rotary Foundation
Through a chronologically organized powerpoint, Deb Casey presented information on the Rotary Foundation's function and projects that it supports throughout the world, noting highlights and milestone of the service work accomplished through Rotary Foundation funds and programs.  
Deb's thorough presentation culminated in 2017-18 term goals for Wakefield Rotary Club's Rotary Foundation fundraising programs -- particularly Every Rotarian Every Year (EREY) and the annual Million Dollar Meal fundraiser.  She also talked about initiating a program of groups/teams of 4 Wakefield club members to participate in a Paul Harris Award contribution program where each member donates $250/year for 4 years which allows those team members to help each other get a $1000 contribution Paul Harris Award.  Deb Casey's slides will soon be available for members on the Documents section of the website.  
During her presentation about donation recognition, Deb asked Russ Bertrand and her Rotary Foundation Co-chair Fran Alexakos, to help with a Paul Harris Fellow pin  (+4) award to Assistant District Governor, Steve White.  Then Russ Bertrand took the opportunity to award Fran with a Paul Harris recognition as well as a gift from Tracy Wyatt, the team leader of the Rotary Australian District Exchange group that visited our club this past spring.  Fran also received as a "gift" from Russ -- the napkin from Fran's home he accidently took with him from the farewell dinner that Fran hosted for the Australian group.
Note:  The meeting of September 25th will be a regular weekly meeting -- NOT a board agenda meeting as previously noted.
Sep 18, 2017
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