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The Rotary Club of Wakefield, Rhode Island
Thursday, November 16, 2017
Place & Time:
Arturo Joe's
140 Point Judith Road, Narragansett, RI  02882
Meets Thursday @ Noon (except Thursday after 2nd Wednesday & holidays)
Photos:  Sandy Cutting
Greeter: Glen Zibolis & Gene Corl
Pledge and 4-Way Test:  Pam Ancheta
Prayer: Harv Whitley
Song: Marion Humphrey
About the meeting program:  The bell will be rung at 12:15PM to help the staff with food service timing and a final attendance count.  Also, a subtle "two minute warning" reminder before the end of the meeting will be signaled to help the program end promptly at 1:30PM. 
Harry Cesario introduced Cameron Ennis' guest Jason Colonies.
For today's Rotary Minute, Immediate Past District Governor, Russ Bertrand, talked about long time Wakefield Club member Douglas O. Wardwell.  Doug was our club's Rotarian of the Year 2000-01, and Club President 2001-02. Click here for more.
Russ reminded us all that Doug was able to attend college through a Rotary scholarship.  Russ also owns Doug's old scooter and reminisced about riding it around town.  Russ shared a story about his driving with Doug to a Rotary meeting out-of-state and how Doug was amazed that he was riding in a "pick-up truck."
Through Mark Provost & Tom Tarzwell, a brief, posthumous note (click here) and an accompanying Compact Disc was offered to our club from Doug's daughters.  Efforts will be made to have the CD posted online and linked to the club website for member access. Members were reminded about Doug's service on Saturday, November 18th.
For all the latest details concerning club related events click on any and all items listed in the Upcoming Events section in the right column.
Former Wakefield Rotarian Jeremy Osborn's Rhode Island wedding reception
Jeremy and his bride have invited Club members to their Ocean State nuptials on Sunday, November 26th @ 4pm:  Click here for registration on Facebook or email:
Harbor Church
263 Waites Corner Rd.
West Kingston, RI 02892 
Toy Donation Drive Suggestion
Membership Chair Robin McGuigan presented an idea to do a toy drive this Xmas, would like to find a good organization to support. He may be able to get a Santa for a presentation/gift drop, too.  Beth Leconte responded by suggesting our Rotarians coordinate with an upcoming URI/Rotaract event:  "Spirit of Giving-Union Event: December 4th from 11am-3pm! We will have a photo booth in the union with Santa/Holiday Rhody! This will be benefiting Children’s friends in RI. We will be collecting toys, gifts or monetary donations."  Perhaps Robin could lead an effort to coordinate a few of our members to be part of this event.
President's Note:  Veterans Hospital Donations can still be made
Pam neglected to announce Betsy Wisehart's request for donations of all types of personal hygiene products. The donations may also include shaving products for both men & women.  All product portion sizes are welcome for donation--from hotel-size, to travel-size, to family size.  Please contact Betsy, , to let her know you can drop off items at her house.
Review of Social at ChopHouse on Nov. 8th & Rotary Foundation Dinner on Nov. 9th:  Around 22 -members  gathered on on the evening of the 8th to share 1/2-price appetizers and talk.  Then on the next night at the Rotary Foundation dinner at Venus Di Milo in Swansea, MA, a dozen Wakefield Rotarians were in attendance as Russ Bertrand was Master-of-Ceremonies.  Our club  received recognition from the district for its contributions to Polio Plus during Spencer Seitz' term last year.
Charitable Committee Reminder: The committee's GRANT APPLICATION FORM is available as a downloadable pdf on the club's website homepage.  Completed forms can be mailed to the club's address on the form or sent as an email attachment to the current committee co-chair Harv Whitley: or
number of members present: 31 /number of visiting Rotarians:  0 /number of guests:  1  
Both Mary Roda and Spencer Seitz had recent birthdays but were not in attendance for a "lovely" Rotarian serenade in their honor.  But, Ed McLaughlin, who's birthday was earlier in the season was a dutifully honest Rotarian and owed up to the fact but didn't get his request to leaving the birthday song out of the meeting -- he should have paid more money.  Val Szlatenyi announced a'Rotary induction anniversary this past September,
Jim Blackerby made a valiant effort to assure a ride to today's meeting for Agnes Doody which Linda Hennessey offered, but it turns out the service wasn't needed because Agnes wasn't available to attend anyway.  But thanks, Jim, for looking out for fellow Rotarians.
Pam Ancheta --  thanked Tom Tarzwell for presiding over Nov. 2nd meeting; grateful to the Rotarians who turned out for the social on Nov, 8th and the District's Foundation Dinner on Nov. 9th
Betsy Wisehart -- missed the social was in Florida with relatives; talked about humorous off-field antics involving a couple of her favorite New England Pats players (truth:  they're all her favorites)
Beth Leconte --  thanked Jim Buchanan, Spencer Seitz, and Yan Sun's family--as well as others-- for their help with URI/Rotarcters' food donation event at Belmont Market for Jonnycake Center
Dennis McLeavey -- grateful that his dance teacher and her husband are now in Narragansett; won first place in a New England dance competition despite his bad hip dancing the Cha-cha and Tango
Judy Fortier -- talked about the upcoming Second Wednesday Social in December and the Mew Tavern Gear & Beer Run on Sunday Nov. 19th but need help setting up on Saturday afternoon Nov. 18 (check upcoming events in this newsletter)
Joe Norris -- missed a few meeting; will do his best to attend our Thursday afternoon time (Good to see you, Joe!)
Gene Corl --  thanked Glen Zibolis for his help with attendance at meetings and through the website
Val Szlatenyi --  has been in Rotary for 4 years and knows that her anniversary month was around September, October, or November (answer:  September -- as seen in a 3-year-old directory)
Jay Shartenberg --  thanks to Judy Fortier and Dave Baud for heading  up Ballloon Festival marketing & corporate sponsorship for this year!  (Agreed:  the whole club is grateful to Judy & Dave)
Harv Whitley --  announced the pledged proceeds from the Harbor Church 5K held on September 30th resulted in Jonnycake Center and Welcome House each receiving $2,500!
PRESENTATION -  Travel Tips from Experienced Wakefield Rotarians
Jim Blackerby, Chris Van Hemelrijck, Phil Tracy & Linda Hennessey - Travel Knowledge & Advice
Jim started off the presentation by modeling his preferred travel outfit and then using his trusty travel backpack as an example of his preferred type of luggage. Along with travel writings of Rick Steves, the travel guide book Lonely Planet, and another recommendation from Martin Vincent--three recommendations for travel guide literature were mentioned.  Click here for more info from Jim Blackerby.  
Then Chris Van Hemelrijck did a presentation of his Top Ten List of Medical Advice for World Travelers:
10. Visit a travel clinic a few weeks before you go
9. Get all recommended vaccinations
8. "Ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" - plan out your tirp and understand the conditions of the geographic area you'll be visiting
7.  Review your heath insurance plan
6.  Don't get on a ladder before your trip!
5.  Don't feed or pet the animals in "exotic" places
4.  Food warning:  boil it, cook it, peel it or forget it (talked about the controversial and, to some folks, very disgusting Durian fruit)
3.  "Past performance is no guarantee of future results" - just because you didn't get sick the last time, it doesn't mean you won't need to prepare for the next trip to the same place in the future
2.  "Tincture of Time" - allowing time to recoup is best remedy for jetlag -- talked about other recomendations for dealing with long travel time like taking aspirin to help thin blood for circulation during long flights & taking time to walk the aisles
1.  "Know Thyself" - keep activities & indulgences within your known limits
Phil Tracy started out by discussing his treacherous travel experience in the military.  He had some harrowing flights.  He then transitioned his presentation into travel "training" and his experience on Amtrak travel across the country with his wife Sarah.  They both are experienced train travelers and recommend exploring our country this way.  He talked very highly about reserving sleeping cars and the great service you get with that--although it's admittedly pricey.  He mentioned a few memorable fellow travelers including a TV producer of cooking shows and learned about "porning up" food as a way tv food programs make their dishes look more desirable. That you meet interesting and diverse types of people was the point of his mentioning fellow travelers.  He did mention that train delays are both inconveniences and opportunities:  while stranded at a practically empty train station, Phil and Sarah decided to practice their dance lesson moves; he learned that "big brother" was watching when he heard a laugh and a station attendant told the dancers that cameras were everywhere watching lobbies and platforms.  He also mentioned times when train delays had been caused by individuals planning their suicides by and from moving trains.
Linda Hennessey talked about her experience as a world traveler.   She's visited 38 countries and her husband, Tim, traveled to 42 before he passed away.  Linda's advice about traveling is to plan, yes, but to make sure you, "just do it."  She finished by talking about travel books--her volumes, and volumes, of travel notes she's compiled for her to reminisce about all her world experiences...but, she says, it is now mostly to document what happens in case your travel companions argue about the details.  She also puts together picture books of trips, too.  She brought her picture book of a trip to Iceland to show members.  
NEXT MEETING:  Thursday, November 30, 2017
Upcoming Events
Memorial Service - Doug Wardwell
Wakefield Baptist Church
Nov 18, 2017 1:00 PM
Easter Seals' Mews Tavern Gear & Beer Run
Mews Tavern
Nov 19, 2017 9:00 AM
URI Rotaract Meeting
Quinn Hall, URI-Kingston Campus
Nov 20, 2017 6:00 PM
Thanksgiving - NO MEETING
Nov 23, 2017
Board of Directors Meeting
Navatek - conference room
Nov 29, 2017 5:30 PM
Disease Prevention and Treatment Month
Dec 01, 2017
Providence Bruins Rotary Night
A&B Family Appliances
Dec 02, 2017 5:30 PM
District Governor's Council Lunch
Dec 03, 2017
Balloon Festival Committee
1080 Kingtown Road
Dec 12, 2017
Christmas Holiday Celebration - Wednesday Social
Phil's Main Street Grille
Dec 13, 2017
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Nov 30, 2017
Wakefield Rotary Foundation
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