Monday, June 26, 2017
Buffet 5:30PM / Welcome 5:50PM
300 North Restaurant (at the Holiday Inn), 3009 Tower Hill Road, Wakefield, RI 02879

--NO MEETING on July 3


--BOARD MEETING TIME CHANGE:  the agenda for the last regular, weekly meeting of a month will be a board of directors' agenda, typically no guest speakers...all members are invited and encouraged to voice opinions, but only officers & boards of directors are allowed to vote.


--BALLOON FESTIVAL, JULY 21 – 23 – SIGN UPS – who has & who hasn't and deserves another email reminder. Get family, friends & colleagues to sign up at


Introduce this agenda item. It is a timed- presentation: 1-minute! Rotary related information that informs members to do something. Russ Bertrand will do a Rotary Minute on July 10th meeting to inspire membership enthusiasm. Someone will be selected to do a Rotary minute for July 17th.
--follow up on Installation dinner @ Whalers Brewery, Peace Dale / June 22: See attached for installed officers. Mary Roda did a fantastic job of organizing the event considering it was not a traditional venue and the installation program was conducted in a...let's say a non private atmosphere. Thanks to Collin & Katrina who are the duo called Anamcara for providing the music and to “Turtle” our bartender. Along with Mary, thanks to Spencer Seitz, Jim Blackerby, and District Gov. Russ Bertrand for being such great ceremony presenters. Congrats to Steve White - District Award winner; Maureen White – Rotarian Spouse Award winner; Dave Kring - Rotarian of the Year. Thanks to Pres. Pam Ancheta for ending her droning, pitchy, speech right at 7:30pm! Attachments:  Officers & Directors 2017-18
Please submit your photos/videos of the installation dinner to our main social media administrator: Deborah Casey, email:
2017-18 Proposed Budget vote: With no golf tournament fundraiser this year—which had been held for the past 3 years—this year's budget faced a $5,000 deficit compared to 2016-17. While the 2017-18 Administrative budget remains the same as 2016-17. The Charitable budget faced necessary reductions. So to maintain the same funding level as 2016-17 for the Charitable committee (line 5513) and International committee (line 5100), student of month (line 5611) was reduce from $1,500 to $500, and scholarship was reduced (line 5611) by $4,250. Also Rotaract (line 5711) was increased from $650 to $1,650. Some comments about the budget are attached.
--Meeting Time Committee: This committee submitted a report on a membership survey ranking meeting time options for our club's regular meetings. See attached:  Meeting Survey. With this new information, the process to change regular meeting times will be as follows:
  • on Monday, July 31st – the board will consider and take a vote on meeting times
  • on Monday, Aug. 7 - the board's decision will be voted on by membership
  • during the week of Oct. 9th – the new meeting time will be implemented
Rationale for starting the new schedule in October: 1-District Governor visit on Oct. 2 was first in August, then Oct. 30—don't want to mess with it again; 2- our great guest speakers committee (Jim Blackerby, Sandy Cutting, Fran Alexalos. Elizabeth Candas) have booked a couple months ahead--they're set until September.
--follow up on Narragansett Art Festival : (Details to follow)
number of members present:             /number of visiting Rotarians:                    /number of guests:                
Introduce this agenda item. Formerly Sunshine, this part of the meeting will have it's own committee of 3 Rotarians who will explore how to make member birthdays/Rotary anniversaries/”members in the news”/member health & convalescence/member remembrance another part of our club's “service above self”. More details will come in future meetings.
But if there is any necessary announcements about members or their families to make at this meeting please share.
Joe Giorgio, Year Up – internships for low-income young adults
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Wakefield Rotary 35th Narragansett Art Festival
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Jun 24, 2017 9:00 AM –
Jun 25, 2017 7:00 PM
39th South County Balloon Festival
URI Athletic Fields
Jul 21, 2017 – Jul 23, 2017
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Jun 26, 2017
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