Posted by Christine Pelton & Elizabeth Candas
Ryan Doyle, Senior, South Kingstown High School
Ryan spoke about her Rotary Exchange to Germany.  Our Club sponsored her as an outbound student in Exchange for our inbound student, Mint (Wipatsayaporn Tirapongprasert).  She is currently going into her senior year at SKHS.  Ryan left for her exchange adventure on August 1, 2016, and  spent her 10 months based in and around the town of Bremen, Germany.  She stayed with two families.  One was an older couple who didn't have their own children living in the house and they took Ryan sailing.  The other family living outside of town on a farm and had three children.  Ryan talked about all the bread she ate during her time away and claims all those carbohydrates took a toll on her body...she had a "healthy" diet of bread & butter.  
Ryan was asked about how she knew about the Rotary Exchange program.  She mentioned being influenced by a casual conversation with Wakefield Rotary's past outbound exchange student from South Kingstown High School, Chapin Graham (currently attending George Washington University, Washington, D.C.).  Ryan thought it was such an interesting idea to be an exchange student she looked up Rotary Exchange and immediately began to fill out the application.  Even after her mother, Donna, had suggested researching the idea more thoroughly before committing to the Rotary program--Ryan refused and didn't even check out any other exchange option.