Posted by Sandy Cutting & Pam Ancheta
Jay Shartenberg – Balloon Festival Committee
Final plans and instructions for this weekend's balloon festival.
Jay started with the weather forecast:  pretty good - mid to high 80s.  Then discussed the potential for field evacuation which Jay will lead the coordination on if it should be needed.  Jay also praised Cam Ennis for his great work on securing the professional balloonist for this year's fest and praised Judy Fortier for her work on volunteer coordination.  
The professional balloonists versus the amateur balloonists:  the professionals will only do tethered rides - dawn (around 6am) & dusk (around 6pm)  unlike the amateurs there will be no untethered, free-flights.  Tickets for balloon rides will be sold at flight times.  Flight times will be (unless winds exceed 8 knots) Friday evening, Saturday dawn & dusk; Sunday dawn & dusk.  
Tethered ride price is now $20/pp.  Set up for festival will start on Thursday, July 20th at 1pm with another set up shift starting at 8am Friday, July 21.  Set up must be finished by festival start at 4pm on Friday.  Breakdown of festival will start after 4pm on Sunday, July 23.
While "Rag Bag" activity is unlikely to take place because of severe tears in the balloon material, Dave Kring offered to set it up and give it try because--as Chris Pelton says--"it's such a hit."
Jay continued to talk about other attractions at the festival and Judy Fortier mentioned the shifts that need to be filled--especially ticket sales shifts during Friday evening and Saturday evening.  Thanks to everyone who signed up during today's meeting.