Posted by Martha Whittier
Herk Herchenroether - missed meetings; congrats to Beth and Ed for a successful art festival
Jeremy Osborn - missed meetings; forgot his anniversary!
Spencer Seitz - joked he was on fentanyl and forgot his badge at home
Jay Shartenberg - glad gypsy moths are all dead at his home
Chris Van Hemelrijck - missed meetings because of Water for Cambodia Fundraiser; was on west coast for daughter's graduation
Bob Horrocks - missed meetings because of reasons that Chris H. listed
Harvey Whitley - June 23rd birthday; missed meetings; Kate, oldest grandaughter got married and DJ at wedding was Jeremy Osborn; his wife got hurt and went to the ER--but all good now
Betsy Wisehart - helping daughter move in Michigan; daughter is an OB/GYN on nightshifts; also her Toyota has faulty airbags but no help from the company yet
Glen Zibolis - "cricket buck" (phone rang)
Judy Fortier -- Balloon Fest sign up time & sorry missed meetings
Joe Norris -- paid for having a June birthday