Posted by Frances Alexakos on Sep 06, 2017
the Rotary meeting on September 18 th will be held at 5:30  at the Holiday Inn, Rt. 1 in South Kingstown. the Speaker will be Doctor Salloway who runs the live volunteer multi-year Alzheimer Research study at Butler Hospital. He is chief of Neurology and Director of the Memory and Aging Program at Butler Hospital. 
Alzheimer and Dementia (AD )is our # 1 public health problem. It is estimated that 125 million people will have dementia worldwide by 2050. Facing this unacceptable future, the US Congress has created a National Plan to fight Alzheimer’s with a major goal of developing breakthrough treatments by 2025. Advances in brain imaging and genetics allow us to detect changes in the brain many years before memory loss opening the era of Alzheimer’s prevention. Treatments are being developed to lower the plaques and tangles in the brain. Treatment breakthroughs will bring hope to dispel the fear and stigma associated with AD. To be successful we need hundreds of thousands of individuals who may be at risk to volunteer for prevention studies. This presentation will review the challenges we face and the options available to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
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