Posted by Elizabeth Candas & Pam Ancheta
DNA Testing to Discover Your Roots
Presenter:  Genealogist Heather Kislywicz
Genealogist Heather Kislywicz shared her knowledge of genealogy and how to search for your ancestors.  He of ather has made presentations at the Narraganasett Library and the RI Genealogical Society. 
Click here for the slides from the April 19, 2018, presentation to the club.  Click here for a more detailed presentation.
[Editor's Note:  The scheduled guest speaker for April 26th's meeting did not arrive for a presentation and will be rescheduled.  Instead, President-Elect Tom Tarzwell held an impromptu classification talk.  The previous week's guest speaker will remain the featured presentation on the website and latest bulletin/newsletter THE WHEEL.]