Posted by Elizabeth Candas & Pam Ancheta
Presenters: Morgan D'Ambra, Anna Lubic, Lexie Regan - Narragansett High School (NHS) students; Matthew Joubert, NHS social studies teacher
Mat Joubert introduced his classes' participation in this annual competition since 2011; it was started by his colleague in 2010.  NHS has received a third (3rd) place prize and eight (8) honorable mention prizes over the last eight years.  This documentary contest receives 3,000 video entries each year and  videos must rank within the top 150 submissions in order to receive a prize.  Each year Mat has his honors civics class of approximately 20+ students take on a video project for this national competition as individuals or in groups of no more than three (3) students.  The students were inspired to take on the subject of opioid addiction because of a family friend's struggle and death due to the disease.  The way the students' handled this year's video topic concerning the U.S. Constitution was by identifying the 10th Amendment delegating non-federal laws to the states. So the documentary, in part, examined how Rhode Island's laws and regulations affected treatment of addiction.
Daniel F. Warner, NHS Principal, arrived to hear his students' guest-speaker presentation.  Elizabeth Candas announced that Principal Warner was once a Wakefield Rotary Student-of-the-Month.
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